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I was blessed to have grown up in a family that loved adventure and travel – instilling in me a wonder and appreciation for nature. These rich experiences have now become the inspiration to explore the overarching theme ‘Nature’s Poetry’ in which several sub-series are emerging. 

“Trees” became the focus for this first series and as I spent considerable time thinking about why I was so intrigued by these complex natural forms, I also realized that they have been a recurring subject in my photographs, sketches, and prints. For me, trees have a relaxing and magical presence that evoke a sense of calm and peace. The organic lines and shapes as well as the textures and colors of each tree from the trunks and bark, to the branches and leaves create their own unique and natural composition with perfect balance and unity.

The tree is also seen as a sacred symbol across multiple cultures, religions and spiritual philosophies, symbolizing growth, strength, and uniqueness. Every tree is distinct and different – as it grows upward and outward, it continues to change over time, weathering the toughest of storms, and yet it remains strong and sturdy.

This solo show, “Nature’s Poetry”, represents a majority of the pieces I have created thus far depicting trees or parts of trees…I hope that they will “speak to you” in a way that is meaningful and significant…ENJOY!

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